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Today was a weird day.  Mostly, all I did (all I did, huh) was rummage through old things to see what I could use in the next few months: I am packing old things to use for the future.  I came across a few interesting things: some “what was I thinking?” things and some, “huh, I really really like that” things, and some things like the first actual object I ever knit.  A scarf.  Green, acrylic, faux cable lace, garter stitch edging.  Pretty cool.  But I’d never wear it again.

Behold, my first knit (ever):  

Actually, the past few months have been weird: all filled with uncertainty and doubt and decisions and change.  Kind of like a not-so-tasty jelly donut.  And I left my temporary home in Dominica.  I still don’t know how I feel about that one.  I’ve been “home home” for barely enough time to get used to it again, and now, I’m moving to the most temporary home I’ve had (and possibly ever will have) in a state to which I’ve never been before.  Thinking about it makes my head spin.  All the while, I’ve been (well, I’ve supposed to have been) studying for an exam encompassing the basic science years of medical school, to which I give an emphatic, “????????!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????!!!!???!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”.    Actually that’s what I give to this year.


Way back when, I promised my dear dear friend HB a “shark hat.”  She has a pet inflatable shark named “Steven,” and naturally, wanted a wearable counterpart.  I willingly obliged — I had already knitted a fish-like hat for my IK (the “Dead or Alive” hat pattern from knitty, obviously).  Then, a few months passed, I had still not knitted her any sort of shark-like hat, and we both kinda “grew up” and had to wear grown up clothes.  By “grow up” I only mean relatively, and only in such a way that wearing an actual knit shark on one’s head at this stage in our growing up would not be acceptable.  So, I made some concessions and made her a grown up shark hat.  Not to be deterred, and in a last ditch effort to preserve our free-wheeling youngin’ days, Shark Teeth received a giant pom-pom to the head.

Unfortunately, I did not get any completely finished pictures of Shark Teeth, because (fortunately) HB loved it and snatched it up immediately.  Invariably, I love it too (and the yarn — Lionbrand “Wool-Ease,” in Grey Heather — is so squishy) and want one for myself.  Luckily, I’ve got another skein in Sienna, and that one is for me.  My travel knitting plans are nearly complete.  I have an 11 hour travel day, which includes a five-hour layover (!!!) in San Juan, but does not include the  one-hour drives to Melville Hall (which is only barely an airport) and away from Chicago O’Hare.

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