Today, I settled into the fourth “home” I’ve had in sixth months.  That’s just the beginning.  This year has been insane.  And unsettling.  Amidst all the traveling, I’ve been sure to always have my knitting with me.  It makes moving a little more complicated, but hey, my life is full of complication.  What’s a little more trouble?  Exactly.  So, the other day (or week, whatever), I got to thinking, “Where has my knitting been?”  Take, for example, the most recent sweater I knit.  This one:

The yarn? Malabrigo Worsted.  From Uruguay.  Bought at Downtown Yarns in New York City.   Knit in various places: Bergen County Regional Medical Center, in Paramus, NJ; Washington Twp, NJ; on New Jersey Transit; on the LIRR; in Atlantic Beach, NY; JFK airport; on a plane from JFK to PHX; PHX airport; on a plane from PHX to ONT; in Alta Loma, CA.