(1) Had a delicious noodle dinner at Momofuko Noodle Bar with IK, complete with delicious lychee slush which made world peace seem like a definite possibility.

(2) Ended up deep in Fox News country and slept in the same bed I slept in when I was just an itty bitty child (or rather, more itty bitty than I am now).

(3) Ate at an enormous  greasy spoon Greek diner in Milwaukee, which incidentally serves almost every food you could dream of except grits.  Thrice.  There are even wheels on the chairs for people who eat there even more regularly.

(4) Waited in a hospital waiting room for 6 hours straight.

(5) Got lost in said hospital.

(6) Witnessed this scene at said hospital cafeteria:

Lady (to Companion): Hey, can you move that seat out a little so I can get in?

Companion: That’s a lot of food you have there!

Lady: I know!  I have to get as much as I can because I have to stop at midnight!


(7) Went nearly 50 hours without changing my clothes or showering.

(8) Slept in an itty bitty hospital cot for two nights.

(9) Got kicked in the head (at 5 am) by a phlebotomist with an Australian accent (maybe I dreamt the accent part, but still).

(10) Woke up every 3 hours for bathroom attendant duties.

(11) Finished knitting a sweater out of hot pink lace weight yarn.

(12) Decided said sweater was ridiculously ugly, impractical, and ill-fitting.

(13) Frogged said ugly, impractical, ill-fitting sweater.

(14) Began knitting mittens (which I don’t need, and don’t know anyone who needs them).  They might be big.

(15) Cried a lot.

(16) Returned to my home sweet home and cried some more.

(17) Attempted to study.