First day of December, first snow of the season (in this particular part of Michigan). My first real whole winter in two years.


And!  New winter knits!  Of which some aren’t entirely new, since I’ve been wearing them since September (but are truly winter wear appropriate) and some of which are not for me (but also fair game, since winter is also gift-giving season).

(1) Glovelies (Kingdom, from

(2) Boyfriend hat (for the boyfriend, Turn A Square by BrooklynTweed)

(3) Friend hat (for friend, same as above)

(4) Another friend hat (for another friend, same as above)

(5) DNA scarf (pattern here)

(6) Golden (Marlene by Cookie A.)

(7) Knee Socks (as yet, only a single sock; Garden Gate from

There are stories behind all these knits, as there are stories behind every knit, but that’s a yarn for another day.