Exam is approaching.  I feel as if my life is consistently circumscribed by exams: they form the walls in my life.  There’s no use fighting it.  I just gotta keep on keeping on.  To keep up on this time around:

Pharmacology: GI, endocrine, and alternative.

Pathology: GI, hepatic, genital, endocrine.

Microbiology: GI and hepatic bugs, sexually transmitted diseases.

Clinical Medicine: clinical imaging and other stuff.

Things I’ve knit between the taking of the last exam and the studying for this coming exam:

-Two hats for one married couple.  I dyed them red (with Kool-Aid!) because the couple is Canadian.  And they’re in love.

One is “Knotty but Nice” from Knitty Winter 2009:

The other is “Dependence” by Eyja Brynjarsdóttir


Dyed:For both hats, I used Paton’s Classic Wool in Sienna, which my aunt gave me after she found it on sale at Michael’s for $1/skein.

-One and a half pairs of Pomatomus socks (from Knitty Winter 2005) in Lion Brand Sock-Ease.  IK gave me the yarn: he ventured into Lion Brand Studio in NYC all by his lonesome.  And rubbed his cheek against the wall.  Because it was soft and covered in yarn, or so he tells me.

I knit the grey ones (colorway = Rock Candy) for myself.  The yellow ones I’m knitting as part of a swap with a lovely lady who sews.  She’s sewing me some bags, and she’s getting a pair of sunny yellow socks (colorway = Lemon Drop).

Things I’d like to learn to do in the near (-ish?) future:

-How to visualize the fundus of the eye using an opthalmascope better.  This is a must.

-How to perform a full physical exam well and in front of examiners.  Without losing my shit.  This, too is a must.

-Dermatomes.  Also a must.

-Sew.  With a sewing machine!  Because I want to make this!  Also because the lady behind this is an inspiration to me.  Other than that, I don’t know why else I’d ever be compelled to learn to sew — I hate seaming my knits and try to avoid it at all costs.  Any and all.

-Suture.  Apparently, knitting is good practice!

-Embroider.  Because it’s pretty.  Duh.

– Get organized.  A must?

-Spin my own yarn.  Oh how I wish I could!

-Make a beaded knit something.  Sparkles!

-How to be an adult.  One day.  Maybe?