Way back when, I promised my dear dear friend HB a “shark hat.”  She has a pet inflatable shark named “Steven,” and naturally, wanted a wearable counterpart.  I willingly obliged — I had already knitted a fish-like hat for my IK (the “Dead or Alive” hat pattern from knitty, obviously).  Then, a few months passed, I had still not knitted her any sort of shark-like hat, and we both kinda “grew up” and had to wear grown up clothes.  By “grow up” I only mean relatively, and only in such a way that wearing an actual knit shark on one’s head at this stage in our growing up would not be acceptable.  So, I made some concessions and made her a grown up shark hat.  Not to be deterred, and in a last ditch effort to preserve our free-wheeling youngin’ days, Shark Teeth received a giant pom-pom to the head.

Unfortunately, I did not get any completely finished pictures of Shark Teeth, because (fortunately) HB loved it and snatched it up immediately.  Invariably, I love it too (and the yarn — Lionbrand “Wool-Ease,” in Grey Heather — is so squishy) and want one for myself.  Luckily, I’ve got another skein in Sienna, and that one is for me.  My travel knitting plans are nearly complete.  I have an 11 hour travel day, which includes a five-hour layover (!!!) in San Juan, but does not include the  one-hour drives to Melville Hall (which is only barely an airport) and away from Chicago O’Hare.