This sweater sweater-fetus is what I’ve been daydreaming about for the past few days.  I started it last semester in a fit of homesickness and yearning for cold weather.  Its insanely insane knitting a stranded colorwork sweater in Lionbrand Fisherman’s Wool while residing on a tropical island and living in an apartment overlooking the Caribbean Sea.  Insane, but so am I.

To Connecticut Sweater and I travelled: an unstoppable duo we were, until i realized that its …um, quite small.  Or rather, my arms are larger than I thought they were and my bust is bigger than I had imagined. So, it languishes — several thousand miles away and in another country — in its one armed state. It’s lucky that its wooly fibers stick together so well.  I stole the needles (size 10) from it in a hurry when i had to book it back to dominica Jurassic Park (red’s my favorite!  …but not that I actually used them since…  I don’t know why i did that).

The guilt of having started something so momentous and not finishing it (like so much else in my life: mostly knits) creeps up on me when I least expect it.  I loved it once — I did, I did!  I have to save it, I thought!  I must must must save it!  Then i read about steeking and about crochet steeking, and I decided that surgery — sweater surgery, at least — is definitely in my future.

So, when Sweater and I are reunited, I’m promptly going to finish its other arm and turn Sweater into a Cardigan.  Then, I’m gonna knit it a button placket.  I’m gonna make it some crocheted button loops and slap a ruffle over it to cover it up; like in this one (ohhh, ahhh, pretty!), only different, of course.

I’m gonna rip that silly little shoulder ruffle off and then I’m gonna steek the arm to the elbow (or maybe the whole length?) and fill it in with short rows.

i’m going to make it work, and i’m going to love it.

I am excited. Or, perhaps I’m a little delirious?  Studying tends to do that to me.  I’ve never steeked a thing in my life.

In other news: I finished studying microbiology for the night, and am embarking on a pharmacology trip to last me till tomorrow.  Then exam!  Then a week to study four months’ worth of med school learnin’, another exam, then CIVILIZATION HOME!