One day closer, every day.  Five exams down (since the beginning of this semester), 2 more to go.

I’m digging deep to find the motivation to keep on studying.

I’m trying  really really hard to keep my brain away from the glorious thoughts of travel-knitting, but its not working so well. I am fiend-ing for some yarn, needles, and a pretty pretty pattern.

Microbiology and pharmacology instead.  It always strikes me how ironic it is that these future doctors I’m around (not that I’m so innocent myself) lead such unhealthy lifestyles in order to pontificate healthy living choices to the general public.  Very, very ironic.  Even more so is that I know how bad it is to binge on caffeine, stay up all night,  and sit on my ass all day and yet i feel guilty if I do anything other than just that.